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Re: Installation Problems

"Craig H. Block" <chblock@flashcom.net> writes:

> I'm having a couple problems installing i386 using CVS bf.  I haven't
> seen any mention of these for i386 so I wonder if I am the only one
> experiencing them.  

No, your not.

> I am unable to load the rescue image from CD.  It gets through the
> selection process properly, but when installing the image it returns an
> error "Unable to mount the Rescue Floppy"  I am able to load the image
> from floppy (fd0) and this problem does not occur when installing
> base2_2.tgz from CD.  Jumping over to tty2 and doing a "df" when this
> error occurs shows that /dev/cdrom is in fact mounted on /instmnt. 

I get this too.  Working on it.  Do you see an error 

> dbootstrap will not reboot the system.  It hangs for a while then
> respawns.  Attempting to run "halt" or "reboot" from a shell does
> nothing.

Huh, haven't check this one.  Was it ok for 2.2.4 ?

> If I execute a shell then exit, dbootstrap does not respawn.

Huh, haven't check this one.  Was it ok for 2.2.4 ?

> If I exit
> on tty2, it does not return to a "press enter to activate console"
> prompt.  This causes both tty's to remain unusable.

init seems to have a problem with 'respawn', yes, andersee is working
on it.

> The last problem free install for me was with media made from CVS bf
> updated and built Juanuary 2.  The system I build bf with is a potato
> "apt-get upgraded" daily.  

Ugh.  Sometimes it seems we're moving *further* from stability.
It can be frustrating but I hope thing settle within the week.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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