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Re: overhauling modconf

I really think it would be better *not* to completely gut the modconf
interface -- it has consistency with dbootstrap, and debconf-tiny is
still in question (since perl-5.005-base still doesn't exist).

Would it *really* be easier to completely gut modconf than to fix it

As for the modprobe stuff, I assume that most modules don't support
it, so that's not useful for potato, at least, not for the upcoming

We have about 8 days to get modconf into usable shape.  AFAIK, the
only way this is possible is if someone works on it *now* and we don't
gut it (we don't have time for the lengthy bugfixing cycle that new
software has).  Maybe I'm wrong but that's my feeling.

Enrique, are you definately saying you won't have time to fix modconf
prior to freeze?

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