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Bug#54130: netfetch crash

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.4
Severity: normal

>Complete installations.  Especially the new 'net-fetch' installation
>technique.  Ignore the 'network' installation technique, that
>shouldn't be in there I think.

>From netfetch I get one of two outcomes:

  dialog box titled 'Error 404' with text 'HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found', then
  dialog box titled 'Problem' with text 'nf_http_fetchfile :: file download
    failed, HTTP OK not received', then
  dialog box titled 'Problem' with text 'nf_install_os :: download of file
    base2_2.tgz failed'
  return to main menu


  starts downloading:
    Fetching    base2_2.tgz
    Server      http://http.us.debian.org:80/
    Path        dists/potato/main/disks-i386/current
    Proxy       none
    File size   13361781 bytes

  followed by Bytes read, Rate, ETA and progress bar.  I can confirm that
  base2_2.tgz is being loaded into /target/tmp

  Some time (usually well after it's half-done, often just before completion),
  dbootstrap will suddenly die with a bus error.

I am installing on a Cyrix 6x86-150 system with ISA (!) SCSI card using
aha1542 driver, also have one sound card and one sofar unidentified card in
ISA slots.  my 2 HD's are installed on SCSI, a 200-something megger with my
old (running perfectly) slink system (Maxtor 7345-SCSI) and a 1GB Quantum
Fireball 1080S (sdb) onto which I am installing my new root.  CD-ROM and an
internal Zip drive are on IDE.  On PCI I have my net card (3Com 3C900
10bTPO) and ATI Mach64 GT Rage II VGA controller.

After configuring a swap partition (old one from slink) and initializing
and mounting sdb1 I installed drivers from floppies and configured the
3c59x net driver (which I was using in slink) and configure correct network
settings (netmask, all 1's bcast address, gateway = bcast -
1, two nameservers separated by a space, /dev/eth0).  then I get these

James Deikun, Techie(tm), CSI Multimedia
The opinions expressed &c.

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