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Re: Need help using dhcp during the installation process

An interim solution would be to go to the console window and run a dhcp
client from the command line (copy the dhcp client to a floppy and mount the
floppy if you have to) that shoulc give you the network details that you can
put where youd normally put the static ip's.
Once up and running install the dhcp client as normal

On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 07:48:47PM -0800, Bing Ho wrote:

> Hello,
> I am running a cable modem installation that uses dhcp to dynamically
> allocate ip addresses, and I would like to somehow use ISC's dhclient
> program during the right time to install Debian, presumably through the
> or http protocol. My intended Linux gateway has no cd-rom drive, which is
> the reason why I'm asking this question.
> Where and how would I go about modifying the boot floppies, or adding an
> extra floppy, with the dhclient and appropriate configuration files, to
> install the system?
> I'm new to this entire system, so please bear with my ignorance.
> Thanks,
> Bing Ho

  Currently boot-floppies doesn't support DHCP.  It will be included in
  boot-floppies 2.2.5 (we're about to release 2.2.4) most probably, we're
  working on it.

  Installation over HTTP has been added to boot-floppies this weekend, and
  will be included in 2.2.4.  It hasn't been tested properly, so it might
  not work 100% till boot-floppies 2.2.5.

  You should be able to configure your network settings via DHCP and to
  install Debian over HTTP mid january.



  Please send a Cc to me when replying to me on this mailinglist.

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