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Bug#52073: Problem installing the Operating System Kernel and Modules

In message <19991209180208.A718@wyvern> you wrote:
>Is there any chance of mentioning this if the problem arises? 

No... read on.

>I have a new
>TP and used "floppy=thinkpad" - which you don't want on the new ones (it
>makes them behave like old thinkpads not passed the "thinkpad" option).
>IIRC it was when dinstall asked for the 2nd disk so if it could detect the

It's called 'dbootstrap' now.

>error and say "if you are using a thinkpad, try supplying (or removing)..."

Unfortunately, it's the kernel which loads the rootdisk.  With a split
boot/root as in potato, people will get the error much sooner.

Our only hope is that people read the documentation.  Or kernel
hacking, which is not something I wanna do.

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