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Bug#52073: Problem installing the Operating System Kernel and Modules

On Thu, Dec  9, 1999 at 01:55:36 -0500 (+0000), Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> "Darryl Röthering" <drothering@hotmail.com> writes:
> >       boot Thinkpad(TP) from rescue floppy.
> >       hit enter at the boot: prompt, to take default boot parms
> >         [incidentally, I can't get any of the special boot parms to
> >          work, they all give errors.]
> Inverted floppy DCL is definately  your problem.
> Give the following at the boot prompt:
>  'linux floppy=thinkpad'

Is there any chance of mentioning this if the problem arises?  I have a new
TP and used "floppy=thinkpad" - which you don't want on the new ones (it
makes them behave like old thinkpads not passed the "thinkpad" option).

IIRC it was when dinstall asked for the 2nd disk so if it could detect the
error and say "if you are using a thinkpad, try supplying (or removing)..."


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