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Bug#52073: Problem installing the Operating System Kernel and Modules

severity 52073 wishlist
retitle 52073 [documentation, i386] indicate that boot args must be 'linux <arg>...'

"Darryl Röthering" <drothering@hotmail.com> writes:

> Please ignore my last email. I suffered from email-itis (an inflamation of 
> the email due to too many in the hopper). You are absolutely correct, I 
> apparently have an inverted DCL (I would love to know what that is if time 
> permits you to provide me with a clue).

I would suggest simply checking out the Thinkpad or Linux site or
searching with google for more info.  Just a non-standard indicator of
disk change, AFAIK.  I wonder how Windows deals with this...

> I would suggest that the F1 help and the install.txt be changed to indicate 
> that the parm is 'linux floppy=thinkpad' rather than 'floppy=thinkpad.' I 
> was unable to intuit the addition of 'linux' from thin air.

>From the install manual, chapter on booting from the rescue disk:

  Information on boot parameters which might be useful can be found by
  pressing <em>F4</em> and <em>F5</em>.  If you add any parameters to
  the boot command line, be sure to type the boot method (the default is
  <tt>linux</tt>) and a space before the first parameter (e.g.,
  <tt>linux floppy=thinkpad</tt>). If you simply press &enterkey;,
  that's the same as typing <tt>linux</tt> without any special

I agree the F# info could be better.  I'm changing this bug to be a
request for that.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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