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i18n of basedisk messages


Now I successfully compiled the hungarian version of dbootstrap. HOORAY!

And I think I found a bug :))
If I use another language (LINGUA) when compiling, the basedisks.sh 
script didn't put LANG=xx line to the new_root_home/.root_profile, and
because of this when installing after the restart not the translated
version booting, but the english.

Anybody, who has got write access to the CVS can fix this, but put this
three line to the basedisks.sh (I think :) ) :

cp $scripts/new_root_home/.bash_profile /tmp/bootprof
(echo \#\!/bin/sh ; echo LANG=hu ; tail -n +2 /tmp/bootprof ) >$scripts/new_rootrm /tmp/bootprof
rm /tmp/bootprof

in line no 314. after the (cd $scripts/po && ./build.sh)!

Risko Gergely

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