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Testing Oct 20 boot disks


This is a report and a sugestion after having testing Potato's boot disks
dated Oct the 20th on an i486 DX2 50 with 8 MB of memory.

The machine didn't have a FD or CD-ROM, so I downloaded the boot disk
files and the root image and driver and base tarballs. And this is where
the sugestion comes in, as there is quite a lot of free space on the boot
disk, you could put some stuff that could launch the installation from
DOS, not needing to boot from the disk, I used loadlin with initrd, but
maybe you can even use syslinux :-?

And now the problems. Maybe the problems that I have found are known and
even solved, If so, just forget about them.

When entering the configuration of the device driver modules, and after
the instalation when calculating the dependencies I got the error:
depmod: Error reading ELF header: no space left on device
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.2.12/net/sis900.o
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.2.12/misc/eicon.o

The select net modules menu apears to be cut on the left side, I saw
something like:
    it     Finished...
    501  - 3Com...
instead of:
  Exit     Finished...
  3c501  - 3Com...

I have an NE2000 card, configured it and detected it well on the install,
but after the install, it didn't detect it, I had to do an update-modules
and then it was ok.

When selecting the profile to install, it gave me this error:
/root/pkgsel: [: too many arguments

I told him to remove the pcmcia packages but it didn't, after finishing
the installation I saw a purge had been tried on the pcmcia-cs package,
so I did it manually and dpkg failed on the preremove package, it was
because it was trying to do a /sbin/cardctl eject and this failed because
there was no pcmcia on /proc :-(

I had selected the spanish qwerty keyboard on the install, and it was
working at that time, but after the install it didn't, the
/etc/kbd/default.map.gz was not the one I had chosen.

Well, this is all, seems to me that it isn't as bad as I had thought
because of the comments on devel list.

Great job, I'll continue testing ;-)


Manty/BestiaTester -> http://www.mantianito.ddns.org

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