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Re: Language support

Michael Sobolev <mss@transas.com> writes:

> On Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 01:03:22PM +0100, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> >  only if we can't doit for potato with one floppy ... not in time ...
> And this "one floppy", what does it contain?  Let me list what I know of:
>     -- boot loader
>     -- linux' kernel
>     -- initial ramdisk (compressed??)
> Correct?  All files like programs, support files are on this ramdisk, correct?

Correct, if the "one floppy" is the disks-2.88 version of rescue.bin.
For 1.44 we still have to have separate boot and root disks, but it's
functionally identical.

>>>     -- a new one. :) syslinux (or other boot loader) loads default
>>>     kernel without waiting for *any* user input.  right after that
>>>     the user is presented with a menu of possible languages
>>>     (localized environments), and then she tries to configure her
>>>     kernel (by adding necessary modules).  UNFORTUNATELY, I do not
>>>     know whether this is ever possible.  I believe there are
>>>     devices for which drivers should be compiled-in.

>> Yup, this is the way we should go, and it is possible. It's more or
>> less the same way as to select keyboards and mices.

> Hmm.  I do not quite understand: is it the way we are trying to go,
> or is this the way we should look at, and start working in this
> direction?

Yes -- basically, lets not invest a lot in syslinux, and just accept
that syslinux is not i18n'able.  For post-potato, we will hopefully
have grub which can (?) replace this?  I'm not sure... anyhow...

As for 'promptless syslinux', no, we have to retain the prompt even if
it's Anglo-centric.  I.e., for specifying kernel options such as
'floppy=thinkpad', or rescue mode.

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