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Re: Debian installer for Linuxcare rescue CD

Seth David Schoen <schoen@loyalty.org> writes:

> I'm still considering the "extract resc1440.bin somewhere, copy drv1440.bin
> and base2_1.tgz to appropriate places, chroot in, and exec resc1440.bin's
> copy of init before our init has actually done anything much to the system"
> idea.

> Then, instead of pressing enter or waiting at the SYSLINUX prompt, the
> user could type "debian" or "debinst" or something to boot "directly" (so
> to speak) into the Debian installer.

Hmmm... that should be doable, sure...  

> Does the installer inherently need access to anything except for what's in
> the three files mentioned?

Well, for potato, your file names are all wrong.  Now we have
disks-2.88/rescue.bin, and you'd wanna probably use modules.tgz, not
the disk image (split) copies.

>  resc1440.bin has device nodes, so it can
> access hard drives in order to partition and mount them.


> If this works, the only thing we'd probably need to change is the modules
> and kernel image in slink-and-a-half (because we're currently using
> 2.2.13 and not MODVERSIONS).  I don't think that would be an insurmountable
> problem.  In the worst case, we might even switch our own kernel image
> and modules to be compatible with the slink-and-a-half installer's.

Joey, um, does slink-and-a-half have a new boot-floppies burn as well?
No one has brought up that issue to us...

> Actually, I'm a bit confused about where the kernel image .deb comes from
> during installation; it's not on the drivers disk, so is it somewhere
> inside base2_1.tgz?  I am sure that further reading of dinstall sources
> will clear this up, but I could use some pointers.

It just copies it from linux on the rescue disk, unless I'm mistaken...

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