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Re: dac960 devices on boot-floppies

Mark van Walraven <markv@wave.co.nz> writes:

> On Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 01:02:08PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Guys, if I just added dac960 (first controller at least) support to
> > the rootdisk and basedisks.  It's in CVS now, but if someone could
> > review that and let us know what else if anything has to be done.
> Looks like that's all that's needed in rootdisk.sh and basedisk.sh -
> though I have to admit I don't know the details of dac960 device files.

Yikes.  We now have 254 devices under /dev/rd.  Full list below.  Any
way we can trim this down?

> (Can /dev/ida/c0d* be added as well?  Would that require a BR on makedev?)

It is, see below.

> Otherwise, boot_config:make_bootable() needs to parse the new device names
> and fdisk:fdisk_reread() needs to try them when looking for disk devices.


.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>
c0d0     c0d12p4  c0d16p1  c0d19p6  c0d22p3  c0d26    c0d29p5  c0d3p3  c0d7
c0d0p1   c0d12p5  c0d16p2  c0d19p7  c0d22p4  c0d26p1  c0d29p6  c0d3p4  c0d7p1
c0d0p2   c0d12p6  c0d16p3  c0d1p1   c0d22p5  c0d26p2  c0d29p7  c0d3p5  c0d7p2
c0d0p3   c0d12p7  c0d16p4  c0d1p2   c0d22p6  c0d26p3  c0d2p1   c0d3p6  c0d7p3
c0d0p4   c0d13    c0d16p5  c0d1p3   c0d22p7  c0d26p4  c0d2p2   c0d3p7  c0d7p4
c0d0p5   c0d13p1  c0d16p6  c0d1p4   c0d23    c0d26p5  c0d2p3   c0d4    c0d7p5
c0d0p6   c0d13p2  c0d16p7  c0d1p5   c0d23p1  c0d26p6  c0d2p4   c0d4p1  c0d7p6
c0d0p7   c0d13p3  c0d17    c0d1p6   c0d23p2  c0d26p7  c0d2p5   c0d4p2  c0d7p7
c0d1     c0d13p4  c0d17p1  c0d1p7   c0d23p3  c0d27    c0d2p6   c0d4p3  c0d8
c0d10    c0d13p5  c0d17p2  c0d2     c0d23p4  c0d27p1  c0d2p7   c0d4p4  c0d8p1
c0d10p1  c0d13p6  c0d17p3  c0d20    c0d23p5  c0d27p2  c0d3     c0d4p5  c0d8p2
c0d10p2  c0d13p7  c0d17p4  c0d20p1  c0d23p6  c0d27p3  c0d30    c0d4p6  c0d8p3
c0d10p3  c0d14    c0d17p5  c0d20p2  c0d23p7  c0d27p4  c0d30p1  c0d4p7  c0d8p4
c0d10p4  c0d14p1  c0d17p6  c0d20p3  c0d24    c0d27p5  c0d30p2  c0d5    c0d8p5
c0d10p5  c0d14p2  c0d17p7  c0d20p4  c0d24p1  c0d27p6  c0d30p3  c0d5p1  c0d8p6
c0d10p6  c0d14p3  c0d18    c0d20p5  c0d24p2  c0d27p7  c0d30p4  c0d5p2  c0d8p7
c0d10p7  c0d14p4  c0d18p1  c0d20p6  c0d24p3  c0d28    c0d30p5  c0d5p3  c0d9
c0d11    c0d14p5  c0d18p2  c0d20p7  c0d24p4  c0d28p1  c0d30p6  c0d5p4  c0d9p1
c0d11p1  c0d14p6  c0d18p3  c0d21    c0d24p5  c0d28p2  c0d30p7  c0d5p5  c0d9p2
c0d11p2  c0d14p7  c0d18p4  c0d21p1  c0d24p6  c0d28p3  c0d31    c0d5p6  c0d9p3
c0d11p3  c0d15    c0d18p5  c0d21p2  c0d24p7  c0d28p4  c0d31p1  c0d5p7  c0d9p4
c0d11p4  c0d15p1  c0d18p6  c0d21p3  c0d25    c0d28p5  c0d31p2  c0d6    c0d9p5
c0d11p5  c0d15p2  c0d18p7  c0d21p4  c0d25p1  c0d28p6  c0d31p3  c0d6p1  c0d9p6
c0d11p6  c0d15p3  c0d19    c0d21p5  c0d25p2  c0d28p7  c0d31p4  c0d6p2  c0d9p7
c0d11p7  c0d15p4  c0d19p1  c0d21p6  c0d25p3  c0d29    c0d31p5  c0d6p3
c0d12    c0d15p5  c0d19p2  c0d21p7  c0d25p4  c0d29p1  c0d31p6  c0d6p4
c0d12p1  c0d15p6  c0d19p3  c0d22    c0d25p5  c0d29p2  c0d31p7  c0d6p5
c0d12p2  c0d15p7  c0d19p4  c0d22p1  c0d25p6  c0d29p3  c0d3p1   c0d6p6
c0d12p3  c0d16    c0d19p5  c0d22p2  c0d25p7  c0d29p4  c0d3p2   c0d6p7

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