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Re: /etc/rc is not run anymore

Erik Andersen wrote:
> I just asked my boss, and adding nfs support to busybox'
> mount isn't a high priority here at Lineo (they are paying
> me to work on it so I do what they pay me to do).  Adding insmod
> and rmmod is more important, so I guess I'll be working on 
> that today.  I may look into adding it in my spare time at 
> home, but I rarely use nfs...   
> If you have a few hours and want to hack the nfs support from 
> util-linux's mount into a new file like nfs_mount.c, then 
> you add #define BB_NFS_MOUNT to busybox.defs.h (so it gets 
> compiled in when BB_NFS_MOUNT is defined via some sed magic) 
> and then stick in 
>     #if defined BB_NFS_MOUNT
>      stuff
>     #endif
> stuff into busybox' mount.c.

Ok, I will do it asap (tonight or tomorrow).

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