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incompatibilities between utilities/busybox/busybox.links & scripts/rootdisk/LINKS


  I discovered some problems with hardlinks to busybox in rootdisk:
true & false are disabled in busybox.def.h but links are still made in the root
It seems there are 2 files that list the names of hardlinks: one built
dynamically during busybox compilation and named utilities/busybox/busybox.links
and another static in scripts/rootdisk/LINKS.
The latter is used to create rootdisk's hardlinks but is not up-to-date.
I don't remember well the decision about /bin/true and /bin/false be handled by
script or by busybox but we need to decide which one to adopt.  I'd rather like
to see them in busybox (they still are in but are disabled in busybox.def.h)
because the overhead in size is really small and 2 more hard links do not
reduce free size of the rootdisk image.  Scripts are also small but will occupy
at least one more cluster in the partition.

Another problem is about loadkmap: it is put in /usr/bin by rootdisk.sh but is
assumed to be in /bin by dbootstrap (see main_menu.c, line 212) and in /sbin by
busybox (see busybox.links).  Where is the right directory?
This conflict in directory naming has the side effect of disabling keyboard
configuration step in dbootstrap.


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