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Re: /etc/rc is not run anymore

On Fri Nov 12, 1999 at 03:06:48PM +0100, Eric Delaunay wrote:
> Erik Andersen wrote:
> > On Thu Nov 11, 1999 at 11:40:55PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > 
> > Another way is to stat("/") and then stat each entry in /dev until you
> > find a dev_t that matches. This is messy and slow.
> And what about root filesystem on NFS ?  It is named server:/mountpath but I
> don't think it could be derived automagically :(

As I said -- it is messy. And in the case of nfs, it doesn't work, both
are good reasons why I don't do it that way in busybox mount/umount/df.
I use getfsfile, and expect /etc/fstab to have the real root device name
in it.

> > Fortunatly, in this case, to remount / read-write, it doesn't matter
> > what we put in for the device name.
> Yes.  Therefore no need to resolve /dev/root.


> Btw, I discovered that busybox' mount is not used by boot floppies!
> mount/umount are going from the mount package.

Yikes!  Thats bad.

> I guess it is because your mount program does not support NFS.  Are you
> planning to add it?  We could save 50k to 100k on the rootdisk (mount+umount
> takes 120k on sparc for the moment) if you would do but you need to support all
> filesystems the bootdisks might use. Basically ext2, nfs and iso9660, but also
> msdos/fat/vfat (for PC), ufs (for Sun), ...

Doesn't support nfs?

    [root@slag busybox]# ./busybox mount crater:/home /mnt -t nfs
    Mounting crater:/home on /mnt failed: Invalid argument

Oops, I guess you are right. So nfs doesn't use mount(2)?

<sound of apt-get source util-linux, and Erik reading mount
source code>

Yikes.  nfs is very wierd.  Looks like I can probably make
it go (as a #define BB_NFS or some such).  Seems you fill
in a bunch of structs and such.  messy.

I just asked my boss, and adding nfs support to busybox'
mount isn't a high priority here at Lineo (they are paying
me to work on it so I do what they pay me to do).  Adding insmod
and rmmod is more important, so I guess I'll be working on 
that today.  I may look into adding it in my spare time at 
home, but I rarely use nfs...   

If you have a few hours and want to hack the nfs support from 
util-linux's mount into a new file like nfs_mount.c, then 
you add #define BB_NFS_MOUNT to busybox.defs.h (so it gets 
compiled in when BB_NFS_MOUNT is defined via some sed magic) 
and then stick in 

    #if defined BB_NFS_MOUNT
stuff into busybox' mount.c.


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                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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