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Re: New style raid support during install (was Re: kernel support, v0.36 v's v0.9)

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 02:32:58PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> On the assumption that the *boot* disk is not raid, can't it be
> modularized?

Not if you want to have the same kernel for the boot disk and an installed
system.  Remember it isn't too useful to  be able to install Debian but
only to fail later when booting the installed system from the harddrive.

> > So we probably can't add to many features until we get initrd going for
> > *both* the install floppy and insalled systems.
> Yeah -- that seems like more than we wanna bite off for potato.  I'm
> hoping that woody (whatever the next release name is) features more
> automated module/hardware detection and initrd.

So basically we should hold off on anything that can't be modularised until
we get initrd sorted out.
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