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kernel support, v0.36 v's v0.9

The current boot floppies come with the standard raid multidisk support.

The raidtools packages thats that "If you are creating new RAID arrays, the
raidtools2 package and newer RAID drivers may be a better choice."

One of the features of newer raid is that the kernel can autodetect raid
partition on boot.

I think raid is a really usefull but underutilised feature of linux. If we
debian boot with raidtools2 and raidv0.9 kernel then it would lower the
"dificulty" barrier that stops many people using raid.

In defence of old raid, the only reason i know of that v0.90 isnt in the
kenrel by default is that if kernel raid v0.9 can break existing v0.36 raid
I understand debian likes to aim at the lowest common denominator, but if an
installation already has a raid setup there more likely to do an update from
there existing system rather than use boot floppies.

As far as  i know old style raid are only used in "big" arrays where they
cant afford to play with things too much.

Help bring raid support to the little people by supporting v0.90, a 2 way
ide software raid0 craps all over any scsi drive and its much cheaper. I
would think a fair few  people have access to having two ide drives in  a
system, but  dont yet use raid. By providing the verison of raid that they
will use "out of the box" will reduce the diffuclty fact heaps.

The user level raid tools have to match the version of raid support in the
kernel. so its hard to support both. I dont think there is any major size
difference between old and new raid support


Glenn McGrath

P.S. hmmm.. maybe i shouldnt have criticised SCSI, all the people with SCSI
drives will probably flame me now..

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