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Re: Bug#49223: boot-floppy instructions: Special HD Partitioning for Win2000

Massimo Dal Zotto <dz@cs.unitn.it> writes:

> I wonder however if it is possible to use sun disklabels on the i386 pc.

Wow -- I dunno.  I wouldn't think the i386 bios would understand  it.

> This should work with lilo because it uses absolute sectors and it
> shouldn't need to access the partition table. Am I correct?

I guess you may be, but it depends on how much lilo sidesteps the bios
entirely.  It's a bit beyond my knowledge.

> Has anyone tried this. I tried once but I didn't find any tool to
> create and edit sun disklabels, which if I remeber correctly shoud
> be able to contain 8 or more partitions.

Sun disk labels actually contain at most 8 partitions, unless I'm
mistaken.  Use the 's' command in fdisk to toggle the sun disklabel.
Although I'm pretty sure this functionality is only compiled in for
sparc util-linux, so you may have to custom-build fdisk with this
option on i386.

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