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Re: Impending freeze and boot-floppies

Erik Andersen <andersen@xmission.com> writes:

> I know dbootstrap used to use a lot of busybox internals. As the person
> most familiar with busybox internals, I would be happy to cvs checkout
> dbootstrap from the day before I merged the new busybox, and then go
> through dbootstrap and make it rely on the new busybox internals...
> Presumably that would allevieate most of the headaches folks are having
> right now (which will let me atone for my sins and make it so the new
> busybox isn't the culprit if things slip).

I don't see why we would wanna roll-back dbootstrap if you were going
to do this.  After all, most of the dbootstrap changes subsequent to
2.2.1 release are just fixes for the new busybox.

> I expect that I could do such a hack pretty quickly, which should put
> dbootstrap back into whatever order it was in before I messed it up, and
> then I could merge in whatever new stuff went in after that...

See above.  Doesn't make sense, unless you like redoing work that is
already done.

> I have to admit that I have never compiled dbootstrap. The boot floppies
> seem to require an almost complete local mirror of debian (I spent an
> hour or two trying to hand pick packages from the archive, and then gave
> up)... I guess I'll start mirroring now so hopefully when I get back
> from a date with my wife tonight I'll have enough of a mirror to make
> things go. Lets see, at about 32 kB/s over my DSL line...

No, you don't need the local mirror of base to *build* dbootstrap.
Just make sure the dependancies in debian/control are fulfilled, and
you can run 'make check' and it says AOK.

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