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Re: Updates to ash and busybox

>On Tue Oct 19, 1999 at 02:05:49AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> /bin/true and /bin/false can be smaller, and be shell scripts....
>Hmm.  Smaller than:
>    extern int

Yes.  See the rather elaborate discussions at

>Hmm. I thought /etc/rc.boot/* was depricated (I got a bug filed against
>me last time I installed something there).

Odd -- maybe it is!

>> Amazing convergance!  We were recently talking about having init have
>> the ability to exec/chroot?  If we had this, we could conceivably have
>> a "bootless installation" -- once you've installed the base system,
>> you could just chroot your init over to the target system, and keep
>> chugging...
>Yup, that is what Caldera Open Linux 2.3 does on boot, just chroots
>so you never need the reboot. Their install is pretty slick that way.
>Hmm. I wonder how to do this right though... I guess the busybox init
>would need to chroot to the new /, and then run the sysvinit init
>program which would then boot up from the new install... Hmm. How do
>we inform init it is time to chroot and where to chroot?

Maybe some kinda funky 'telinit' argument?

Regarding other issues, I went over the stuff and the only thing that
jumped out was whether it would be possible to have a fake 'man'
command.... I dont' think this is doable, however, w/o groff...

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