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Re: Providing new boot-floppies binaries to master

Hartmut.Koptein@t-online.de (Hartmut Koptein) writes:
> The ftp-archive maintainer know it how to handle the shell-scripts for the
> tarballs (thats the reason why i de-un-comment your changes to the tar-ball
> generation). 
> I'ld like it to have it also for the documentation (*.txt, *.html, ...). Much
> easier for the ftp-maintainer.

Rather than having all this architecture-specific tarball stuff,
couldn't we just always make a tarball which archive maintainers could
unpack in the right area, rather than files all over the place?

Actually, I'm not really asking because the archive maintainers asked
me to make this change.  I think it would make it easier/faster for
new boot-floppies to get installed.  Thus upload files would be:


The assumption is that archive maintainers could do:

  cd dists/unstable/main/disks-powerpc
  mkdir boot-floppies-2.2.1-YYYYMMDD
  ln -sf boot-floppies-2.2.1-YYYYMMDD current
  cd boot-floppies-2.2.1-YYYYMMDD
  tar -xzf ~/Incoming/boot-floppies-files_2.2.1_powerpc.tar.gz

Sound good?  Anyone wanna implement it?

While we're at it, we probalby should move all the HTML documentation
to a docs subdir.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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