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Re: Providing new boot-floppies binaries to master

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 07:17:56PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Matt Porter <mmporter@home.com> writes:
> > How is this handled?  I have the release directory.  Should it be tarballed
> > and U/Led to master?  Do I pass any extra instructions to ftpmaster? (like
> > telling them to delete the stale versions of powerpc boot-floppies)
> Just build like you would build any package:
>   cvs tag -F powerpc_2_2_2 # or whatever tag you wanna use
>   dpkg-buildpackage -ppgp -mporter@debian.org
>   dupload --to master boot-floppies_2.2.0_powerpc.changes
> Appropriate 'ByHand' entries should be automatically added by
> debian/rules.  Feel free to hack on that if not.

Hrm...on closer inspection I see I have some work to do here to handle
the powerpc subarchs.  It's not immediately clear what is done with
install shell scripts that have ByHand directories.
Matt Porter
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