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POSIX in perl-5.005-base

Le Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 07:21:14AM -0700, Guy Maor écrivait:
> Hi, I was under the impression that POSIX was in perl-base, but if
> it's not that's ok.  I can't use it anyway if the Locale stuff isn't
> available.

POSIX is in perl-base but Darren wanted to cut down in some of the
autoloaded files and removed too many files. Darren, please correct
the perl-5.005(-base)? package to integrate the autoloaded files again
(or at least check that a use POSIX does work with perl-5.005-base
installed only) !

Please do it rapidly Darren as it's needed in order to have working
boot-floppies ...

> I'll release a new version of adduser which does not need POSIX to run

No, please wait a bit until Darren correct his mistake.

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