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Re: Error during potato bf install

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:
    Adam> Um, no, this is unacceptable.  If perl as well as perl-base
    Adam> is required in the base section, something is critically
    Adam> wrong and needs to be fixed.  I.e., why bother having a
    Adam> perl-base package in that case.

The real question is "why did someone need the POSIX module"?  What
couldn't that achieve using the functionality of perl5-base?

Note That I have no background on whatever the original prolems was;
I'm responding to Adam's forwarding to debian-perl.

"If 8-year-old boys discharging loaded firearms into their own legs
isn't necessary to the maintenance of a well-regulated militia, I
don't know what is." - Randal Cummings as reported in The Onion, 25/5/99

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