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Re: New tasks status

* "Matt" == Matt Porter <mmporter@home.com> wrote:

Matt> On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 12:49:06PM +0200, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

>> The reason is: I don't do sh.
>> Therefore I want to create a new one in perl, using the same lib
>> (Michael Dorman has created a deb; I have to make myself comfortable
>> with it first). 

Matt> Do you mean using whiptail from perl?

No, one level below - newt.

>> I would like to see
>> Server usage ->
>> Workstation usage ->

Matt> This isn't clear to me...are these options which reveal menus of tasks
Matt> specific to server or workstation functions on a separate page?

>> [ ] some task
>> [ ] some other

Matt> Also, is this just the menu structure you were thinking of once either
Matt> Server usage or Workstation usage was selected?

Ok, I try to elaborate.

The first page has links to other pages (let's call them "subpages")
with task to select ("server usage" etc.) and it also has tasks one
can select directly (I think we have to classify any task package, and 
I don't like a misc category).

The subpages have related tasks to select from.

Matt> I'm still unclear on whether the intention is to use the task
Matt> packages as packages or to simply browse the imformation in
Matt> their control files using apt-cache and friends from the GUI and
Matt> then set-selection or install the dependencies thay way.

Installation of the package is preferred. This is, because a task
package idealy does not only contain the dependency, but also
additional informations. I tried to include a good README.Debian that
explains the installed packages quickly and gives some hints on usage
(see task-dialup*).  

Matt> One could still just "apt-get install task-admin" if they
Matt> desired but would not have the abilities to junk all the pieces
Matt> from the same task if desired.

Note, that a dependacy noted in the task will itself pull further
packages, so you simply can't remove all of it.

Matt> I guess the task front-end should really handle this too,
Matt> because it would be awfully useful to be able to remove say
Matt> task-sound and get rid of all the cruft it install if you had no
Matt> use for it at a later date.

Installation is the more important part.

Matt> Is there an existing tool/option that will attempt to remove as
Matt> many dependencies as possible when removing a package?

Maybe if you use apt-get remove.

But I would not spend too much thought on this now. One reason is that
you can't remove it completely as stated above, the other is that we
should have this thing working ASAP, so if there is time left this can
be added, but I wouldn't do this right now.


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