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Re: New tasks status

* "Matt" == Matt Porter <mmporter@home.com> wrote:

Matt> Having gotten all my PReP stuff mostly in order, I had some time
Matt> to browse the new "tasks" implementation.  I see a lot of nice
Matt> looking task files which I understand from discussion will
Matt> eventually be moved out to deb packages so they can be
Matt> manipulated after the initial install.

Some of them are already debs, but all of them are stuck in Incoming.

Matt> At this point, what is needed to bring things together and who is working
Matt> on what?  I've only seen a brief discussion on creating a GUI (though
Matt> there already is a workable one for the old profile/task scheme).  Maybe
Matt> some further explanation of the end goals of this new scheme would help
Matt> explain why we can't use the current GUI. 

The reason is: I don't do sh.
Therefore I want to create a new one in perl, using the same lib
(Michael Dorman has created a deb; I have to make myself comfortable
with it first). 

I would like to see

   Server usage ->
   Workstation usage ->
[ ] some task
[ ] some other

where "server usage" would have tasks like the web/news/ etc. servers
and similar for "workstation usage".

You can go forth and back through it to select the tasks you want.
I think this is already possible.

New things:

tasks can conflict (webserver-apache / webserver-roxen) this has to be 
handled somehow.

The extended description of a task has to be shown somehow. Either
dselect like in a dynamic window, or kernelconfig like through a help

If you could add the things, the interface could be reused I think.
Matt> So, I guess I'm available to take on some of this work.

Great :-) Please try it.

BTW: the task-*.ctl files will be removed later, as they will be debs, 
so better try to work with debs from the beginning. With a apt-cache
| grep-dctrl pipe it is easy to extract the description and the name.

You could fetch the tasks from Incoming and add a line to

Check README.taskcheck


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