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New tasks status

Having gotten all my PReP stuff mostly in order, I had some time to browse
the new "tasks" implementation.  I see a lot of nice looking task files
which I understand from discussion will eventually be moved out to deb
packages so they can be manipulated after the initial install.

At this point, what is needed to bring things together and who is working
on what?  I've only seen a brief discussion on creating a GUI (though
there already is a workable one for the old profile/task scheme).  Maybe
some further explanation of the end goals of this new scheme would help
explain why we can't use the current GUI.  The way I see it the current
.ctl task files could be accessed under the Custom Profile option and a
few profiles would be made which just grouped sets of tasks together.

I'm supposed to be putting together a pre-release CD at work for use
on our Moto PReP boxes but it won't be very useful to our Linux-newbie
field engineers without some kind of profile/task selection mechanism.
So, I guess I'm available to take on some of this work.

Matt Porter
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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