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Re: resc2880.bin

"Craig H. Block" wrote:
> I could not get PPP to properly connect to my provider.  The daemon
> would timeout waiting for LCP messages and then redial only to fail
> again.
> I do not have any PPP problems when doing a base 2.1 install, replacing
> the kernel with 2.2.12, and then using apt-get upgrade.
Thanks for the help John.  You pointed me in the right direction and I
found the problem.  After the base install using the latest development
images posted in Marcel's Attic, the serial ports remain unconfigured.
However, when upgrading, a configuration script runs that detects the
proper UART type.  In its unconfigured state, /etc/serial.conf specifies
the UARTs as one of those long lost 16450's.  Since the UARTS in my
system are 16550A's, I changed the 16450's to 16550A's in
/etc/serial.conf and everything started working.  Before potato,
setserial detected the UART type automagically every time at boot.  

I imagine a lot of folks would run into this problem.

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