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Hello good people;

I was really excited to see the resc2880.bin posted.  So I downloaded
the drivers.tgz, base2_2.tgz, and resc2880.bin dated Oct 1 and made a
boot CD with them.

I was very pleased to be able to boot the system and do the base install
from CD without resorting to floppy images.  Things seemed to work well
except for the following;

When the install got to the "modules" section, several errors were
reported about modprobe but the messages were covered up by the menu.

I could not get PPP to properly connect to my provider.  The daemon
would timeout waiting for LCP messages and then redial only to fail

I do not have any PPP problems when doing a base 2.1 install, replacing
the kernel with 2.2.12, and then using apt-get upgrade.  


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