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Re: GUI for task selection

Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> Randolph> I wonder... if we want to use perl for the UI, can we
> Randolph> leverage any of the code Joey wrote for debconf?
> Debconf uses whiptail.

That's a huge oversimplification. The debconf you have _seen_ may use
whiptail by default. It can however, be configured to use anything from gtk
to web to perl readline ui's. There's a reason it just depends on perl, and
not 5 other packages that it can optionally use.

> We will need a interface, where one can get back and forward through
> different paths, we need checkboxes and radiobuttons.

Well debconf can do this.

> In the list of
> packages which can be selected, there has to be some way to show the
> description of the package. Either automatically like in dselect, or
> in a popup.

This seems to be beyond the scope of debconf.

see shy jo

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