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Re: GUI for task selection

* "Randolph" == Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> wrote:

Randolph> Is whiptail not sufficient as an interface to newt?

Whiptail as used in the slink bootdisks (I don't know if this is the
only way) is writing definitions to into a tempfile, then source the
tempfile and see what it gives back in the result variable (the
selection script itself is a shellscript).

Looks rather limited to me, and I don't know how well this could be
integrated into a perl script (bunch of system() or such ... bah).

>> We are running low on time, so a decision has to be made quickly. I
>> cc: debian-perl. I don't know how much work it is to create a new
>> Term::Newt (the old tarball is 11.7k), but if someone can do it
>> quickly, we would have a consistent interface in the boot floppies.

Randolph> Agreed. I might be able to help some.

Cool, thanks.

Randolph> I wonder... if we want to use perl for the UI, can we
Randolph> leverage any of the code Joey wrote for debconf?

Debconf uses whiptail.

We will need a interface, where one can get back and forward through
different paths, we need checkboxes and radiobuttons. In the list of
packages which can be selected, there has to be some way to show the
description of the package. Either automatically like in dselect, or
in a popup.

This is, off hand, what is needed. I did't take a close look at
whiptail, but it seems to me, that it is rather a kind of interface to
creating a mask and returning the value (values?) the user
entered/checked, not so much a full UI. Interfacing with newt directly 
seems more appropriate to the task.

If I am wrong the better, as this makes the whole thing easier.


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