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Re: GUI for task selection


I took a look at Term::Newt module, but I am afraid, it can not be
used. It never made more than the initial release for newt 0.25, and
it doesn't work with newt 0.30 :-(

So either someone writes writes a new xs interface to newt (nothing I
am able to do myself), or we have to use something else (perlmenu is
packages, so it is a obvious choice, but is not consistent with the
boot disks UI).

We are running low on time, so a decision has to be made quickly. I
cc: debian-perl. I don't know how much work it is to create a new
Term::Newt (the old tarball is 11.7k), but if someone can do it
quickly, we would have a consistent interface in the boot floppies.


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