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Re: sparc bootdisks status

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@msu.edu> writes:
> > Is anyone out there really using the BOGLified boot floppies?  If not,
> > just remove them from the boot floppies sources.  I have no current
> > plans to develop graphical boot floppies for Debian.
> Eh -- I think it would be best to just leave it there unless it's
> getting in the way, and make the build system just not use it for
> now...
> fbdev boot-floppies would be eleet.

Ok, I was feeling that potato bootdisks were based on bogl.
Now I compiled it for sparc, it appears not.
I would want to try it a bit, but how should I proceed ?
Which device do I need (/dev/fb0 I guess) and which kernel command line
parameter to start fbdev ?

About the sparc bootdisks:
1.  I have some troubles with small libs:  need further experiments.
    In the meantime I replaced them with full libs.
2.  I discovered a bug when installing kernel & modules from NFS.
    dbootstrap exits, due to bad ioctl() in set_loop().
    This problem wasn't there with old 2.0 and maybe <= 2.2.5 kernels.
    I will fix it asap (i.e. tomorrow evening I hope).


PS: I like the nfsroot install method :)  This way I can copy all the binaries
    & libs I need to debug to my nfs server under /tftpboot/debian-sparc-root,
    so I can run gdb on the installed workstation, in the real environment :-))

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