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Re: please help with RAID boot

Evan Moore <evan@info.load-otea.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca> writes:

> I am trying to install debian on a compaq proliant server with a SMART
> RAID controller. I needed a kernel with support for the RAID controller so
> I compiled my own kernel with initrd, ramdisk and the rest of the fd
> listed in readme.txt on the boot floppy. I replaced the kernel, ran
> ./rdev.sh and it booted fine. The problem is that the installer is locked
> up. I can switch to VC2, create the required devices, mount and format
> them there, and launch dbootstrap from VC2, but it will not recognize any
> of my devices. What have I done wroing with my kernel. I have tried many
> many reconfigurations of the 2.2.12 kernal now with no sucess. 

I don't know -- this is purely a kernel problem I believe.  Have you
examined the startup messages?  Do they indicate that your SCSI
controller is recognized?

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