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Re: master2files / potato

"Martin Bialasinski" <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:

> That will be me. There has been some mail about this on this list. As
> I work on the boot-floppies for the first time, i just posted to this
> list. I though it would be sufficient, and nobody hinted me to mail
> someone specific. Sorry, if you had extra work.

IMHO, announcing status and intentions on this list are all that is
required.  Boot-floppies hackers (geeze, all 5 of 'em ?) ought to read
this list.

> I currently try to create a dependancy checking for the new
> packages. The main thing is how to handle the fact, that the new task
> packages won't list all the libs the "contained" packages need. Apt
> will pull them for itself. There are some things I am still unsure
> about like virtual packages or testing for the different archs.

Listing packages that will be brought in is not necessary and
distracting anyhow.

Getting it fully tested is something that others will do.

Martin, if humanly possible, please commit *something*.  I don't
really get what the strategy is... I thought we were going to rip out
the task / profiles from the CVS area entirely, and upload them as a
batch to the Debian archive itself with special naming (task-* and
profile-* perhaps).  What would be in the boot-floppies CVS area is
just the little interface to help the user select these, right?

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