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Re: 2.2.11 disk success w/ thinkpad 240

From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>
Subject: Re: 2.2.11 disk success w/ thinkpad 240
Date: 26 Aug 1999 22:07:39 -0400

adam> > i noticed that the vanilla and vanilla safe rescue disks don't contain
adam> > the root.bin and linux files, and that those files are available
adam> > separately in the directory mentioned above.  is this intentional?  i
adam> > didn't know how to make use of them -- can someone give me a hint or
adam> > point me at some relevant docs?
adam> It's not really official stuff, so there's no documentation to speak
adam> of for it.  I've never even heard of this "vanilla" stuff...

sorry, by 'vanilla' i mean, not 'tecra' :-)

the non-tecra rescue images don't appear to contain the linux and
root.bin files.

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