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Re: master2files / potato

* "Hartmut" == Hartmut Koptein <Hartmut.Koptein@t-online.de> wrote:

Hartmut> No, dunno about a person working on potato-boot-floppiey
Hartmut> besides the powerpc people.  Why does no-one tell me such
Hartmut> things ... i cannot be uptodate on all sides/topics.

That will be me. There has been some mail about this on this list. As
I work on the boot-floppies for the first time, i just posted to this
list. I though it would be sufficient, and nobody hinted me to mail
someone specific. Sorry, if you had extra work.

Hartmut> I need working boot-floppies to generate working cd-images to
Hartmut> do real testings.

Can you build the floppies without the profile stuff? The plan is to
redo the setup as generic Debian packages (and to rethink the content
of the tasks/profiles). Check the archive about the details.

Hartmut> Please, the person who will do this dependency stuff: checkin
Hartmut> the stuff into the boot-floppies cvs. Real quik.

I have ro access to the cvs (except if all local users can commit to
the cvs, don't know the setup).

I currently try to create a dependancy checking for the new
packages. The main thing is how to handle the fact, that the new task
packages won't list all the libs the "contained" packages need. Apt
will pull them for itself. There are some things I am still unsure
about like virtual packages or testing for the different archs.

I will see, how far I got until friday, when I head of for vacation
for two weeks.


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