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Re: questions about state of boot disks

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 05:08:35PM -0500, matthew.r.pavlovich.1 wrote:
> What about SMP systems?  Shouldn't we have a separate package for SMP?
> ie, smp kernel, modified utils for smp.
Yes. SMP does not belong onto a bootdisk.

What utils do you need to modify for smp?

> Are we gonna see a public NFS server that we could use to host the base
> install?  It would be pretty slick if you could just walk around the
> office with one boot disk and a fat connection to setup a box.
If you have a office you probably have a server there that could host an
archive with most packages needed for install.

But yes, this is how it works here. It works even better with a bootable CD
instead of a floppy. Boots *much* faster.


Plug-and-Play is really nice, unfortunately it only works 50% of the time.
To be specific the "Plug" almost always works.            --unknown source

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