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Re: questions about state of boot disks

> No. The average user without rare hardware will only need the standard
> drivers for exotic SCSI adapters or network cards. The full kernel that gets
> installed afterwards will always be the same.

What about SMP systems?  Shouldn't we have a separate package for SMP?
ie, smp kernel, modified utils for smp.

> What I did not think of was that "net" above could mean a modem which then
> requires a pppd to really connect. An additional floppy will be needed for
> this. I'm not sure if many people would really like to install a full debian
> system over a modem line though...

Are we gonna see a public NFS server that we could use to host the base
install?  It would be pretty slick if you could just walk around the
office with one boot disk and a fat connection to setup a box.


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