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Re: "kfree of non-kmalloced memory:..."

>> The "Installation Instructions for Atari (v1.5)" states to use the following
>> bootargs:
>>     -k linux root=/dev/yyyy video=keep
>> You may want to add -s to the recommended flags. Or at least mention it in
>> the text.

>I thought the -s was already in the bootargs so most people would just
>leave it in. 

Is there anything in the boot-floppies package that needs updating?

>There won't be any further boot-floppies updates as far as I can tell, so
>I can't change the text there. Can you add that -s (before the -k) in the
>version on www.linux-m68k.org, Chris? 

Do I need to change the documentation?  It's ok to modify the slink
documentation since w/ CVS I can just merge that up to potato.

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