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Re: Caldera's GUI install

Yeah, I think that the background installing of packages is a great idea.
I think that there should still be a way to switch yourself back to
console, ctrl alt f* should still be active.  

One thing that I thought was really great about the classic Debian
install, was the way you could jump around different steps at will.  This
made the boot disk a very effective rescue disk.

BTW: I am gathering the files on the knowledge base written in CLIPS for
the 'smart install' idea i posted a while ago.


On 30 Jun 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Thanks for the screenshots.  I actually have dont a caldera
> installation on a laptop.  It was pretty good in some ways (it seems
> to ask the questions *while* installing).  However, it messed up on X
> configuration and didn't give any kinda "scram switch" in case X
> configuration failed.
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