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xserver-xsun should create /dev/mouse -> /dev/sunmouse if not exists

Package: xserver-xsun

Note: this bug applies to all the xserver-xsun* packages.

>>>>> "EZ" == Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@ull.es> writes:
EZ> On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 11:38:07PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> There is no xserver-configure for the xserver-xsun line AFAIK.
>> There is no configuration required on the systems supported by
>> those servers.

To add to my own comment, the xserver-xsun* packages assume that the
mouse is available at /dev/mouse.  However, this assumption may not be
valid.  On a newly installed system, there *is* no /dev/mouse yet.  So
the xserver-xsun system ought to create this symlink in case
/dev/mouse doesn't yet exist.  It might not be the right thing for
marginal cases (i.e., where a user is using a serial mouse on a serial
port) but it should cover 99% of the Debian/sparc installations.

>> The default X servers for other sparc machines (such as my
>> matrox64) assume that /dev/mouse is valid.  I don't see why it
>> shouldn't be.  It is valid for x86, right?

EZ> Not without user action (AFAICT). The system doesn't adjust the
EZ> symlink automatically (say I have a PS/2 mouse in /dev/psaux, or a
EZ> serial one in /dev/ttyS1, or...). (I think new XF86Setup adjusts
EZ> it on the mouse selection step). As X defaults to /dev/mouse, and
EZ> you say there's no configuration required for xserver-xsun, I'd
EZ> say that package should create the /dev/mouse -> /dev/sunmouse
EZ> symlink.

EZ> I still fail to see why that's a boot-floppies issue.  Perhaps we
EZ> should ship that symlink on sparc's base system?

Naw, I agree, it's an problem for the Xservers on the Sun
architecture.  It hits the xserver-xsun* servers most of all since
they don't even have configuration files.

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