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[renfro@tntech.edu] Great job with 2.1, just a few minor questions

I can confirm these bugs.  Is there anyone working on them?  Should I
submit them as bugs against boot-floppies?

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Hey, guys. First off, you seem to have done a great job with the Slink
install: within two hours, we took a 10-year old Sparc1 from formatting
the drives all the way to a base system, X, and ssh (inside of 65MB of
disk space, too). With any luck, another 20-something similar machines
will follow along.

Couple of glitches, though, that might have alrady been addressed:

1) /dev/mouse was not symlinked to /dev/sunmouse when I first tried X.
   Does some package that everybody else installs take care of that? As I
   didn't even touch dselect, and used apt to get whatever other packages
   were needed, I may very well have left out something.

2) /etc/rc.boot/0setserial croaked with "Cannot autoconfigure port:
   Invalid argument" -- extremely minor, as those serial ports are not
   likely to be used for anything. If this is the same init script as in
   the i386 version, perhaps there should be a differnt one for Sparc?

Overwhelmingly, though, Sparc Slink kicks much tail. I hope to have one at
home shortly. Thanks again.

Mike Renfro  / Instructor, Basic Engineering Program
931 372-3601 / renfro@tntech.edu

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