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Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes

Adam Di Carlo writes:
>>>>>> "Steve" == Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>Steve> If we have another week, then I'd say pull the images for now
>Steve> while we re-think things.
>Why wait?  I'm a little nervous by how little testing the CDs have
>gotten compared to hamm.  I know you guys have done a great job but my
>sense was that with phil's efforts for slink, the whole image had more
>testing; and there was a cannonical image at an earlier date.
>Steve> Does this give us time for the boot-disks to be regenerated
>Steve> too? I would _really_ like the last-disc-first thing to go in
>Steve> the multicd docs...
>Huh?  What?  Where these changes even made yet?  I don't think I've
>gotten any patches or documentation snippets for this ... ?

Apologies, I must have somehow missed you with the email about this. To
make the CDs more useful and easier to mirror, the Packages.cd files have
been slightly rearranged. Previously, each disc in a set had the full
set of Packages.cd references for all packages on all the CDs in the
set. Now, each disc only knows about the contents of itself and any prior
discs in the set, and the source CDs now have no Packages files on them
at all:

binary CD 1 knows about main section 1
binary CD 2 knows about main sections 1&2, contrib, optionally non-US
source (3&4) are identical for each arch, no packages files
(optional) 5 knows about main(1&2), contrib and non-free.

So if we tell the user to place the last binary CD in their drive when
starting dselect, all should work. It means we can have a smaller set of
CD images than any other scheme, which is an important consideration.
Previously we'd have needed 5 discs per arch, now we need 10 total. OK?

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