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Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>> On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Bob Hilliard wrote:
>> >     If it is possible at this late date, please copy
>> >~hilliard/upgrade-older-i386/Release-Notes-0.11 on master to
>> >..slink/main as Release-Notes, replacing the current version.
>> >
>> >     This version incorporates revised text of "The Great X
>> >Reorganization", as requested by Branden Robinson.
>> >
>> >     Steve - if this gets into the archive, can you include it in your
>> >CD-images?
>> It's out of my hands now I'm afraid. It depends on how far each of the CD
>> image people have got, I'm not actually making them myself.
>i386 finished about an hour ago, but nobody has done anything with it
>yet, so I could re-build them. 
>Thoughts ?

If we have another week, then I'd say pull the images for now while we
re-think things. 

>Also, do we know if the slink3 & slink4 CDs are supposed to be identical
>across architectures yet ?

I'm pushing them as such, yes. Just checking.... Slink_cd should now add no
arch-specific things to discs 3 and 4, but at the moment there are a
couple yet. I'm going through now to remove those. 1.10 later today, or
maybe tomorrow. 

Does this give us time for the boot-disks to be regenerated too? I would
_really_ like the last-disc-first thing to go in the multicd docs... 

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