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Bug#31559: Please allow LILO bypass.

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.0.10_1998-07-21
Severity: wishlist

The installation procedure has a part for creating a boot floppy
and then for installing LILO on the root disk partition.
It does not allow one to bypass both options.

The problem is that I already had a working Debian 1.3 partition that
I wanted to leave as default, and am able to run Lilo manually from
that system to enable booting of the new system.

I could just create a boot floppy to satisfy the program, but the
available floppies were old and the first several I tried had a defect.

Of course, severe warnings are appropriate-- to the effect that the only
way to boot the system might be the resc1440.bin diskette and if that
fails then the system cannot be booted.

As it was, I was left with only the resc1440.bin diskette to recover my
system because the new one was unbootable!  (for this last problem I
filed a separate bug report earlier today.)


	Stephen Carrier

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