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Re: What Maintainer for ezgo?

Hi Franklin,

On Sun, Jan 06, 2019 at 09:32:19PM +0800, Franklin Weng wrote:
> I've set up a temporary git repository.  Please see:
> https://gitlab.com/franklin1/debian-ezgo-temp

Besides the issue Jonas mentioned, I think there is another no-go: You
can not simply throw a PhET tarball into the Debian source archive and
unpack it in the postinst script.  The correct was is to create a phet
package and make an ezgo metapackage depend from it.

In short: Blends source packages might carry some artwork or localisation
stuff that does not have some separate upstream project but not whole
third parties as payload.

Please find a way to distribute this separately from the ezgo source

Thank you in any case for your work on ezgo

> It contains the contents which works in our current ezgo version.
> As what I have said, there are three kinds of packages in this repository:
> 1. meta packages which will install more free software packages:
>     * defined in tasks, and will generate ezgo-office, ezgo-graphics,
> ezgo-multimedia, ezgo-network, ezgo-games, ezgo-education,
> ezgo-accessories and ezgo-tasks
> 2. ezgo common packages, including public domain resources and packages
> which would "fix" problems or add features to current software packages:
>     * ezgo packages used by all system: ezgo-artwork, ezgo-gallery,
> ezgo-menu (independent versioning)
>     * public domain resources: ezgo-phet, ezgo-wordtest
>     * fixing or adding features to current software: ezgo-misc-*
> 3. desktop environment setup:
>     * ezgo-kde5, ezgo-lxde, ezgo-xfce
>     * ezgo-gnome and ezgo-unity are dropped for now due to outdated and
> lack of test
> I've tested them on Debian Stretch.  I can now set up a Debian Stretch
> with KDE Plasma desktop, then install ezgo-artwork, ezgo-kde5,
> ezgo-menu, and necessary ezgo-misc / ezgo meta packages, to form a
> (nearly) complete ezgo system.
> My problems are that, some of them would need to modify files which were
> installed by other packages.  For example, ezgo-misc-audacity moves
> locales/zh/LC_MESSAGES/audacity.mo to zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ so that zh_TW
> translation could work.  AFAIK it violates Debian packaging rules but
> such fix was necessary.  Another example is ezgo-lxde which would change
> the file content in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf.
> Please have a look at this repository and let's discuss the next step to
> upload these packages back to Debian.
> Thanks, Franklin


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