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Re: What Maintainer for ezgo?

Hi Franklin,

Quoting Franklin Weng (2019-01-06 14:32:19)
> My problems are that, some of them would need to modify files which 
> were installed by other packages.  For example, ezgo-misc-audacity 
> moves locales/zh/LC_MESSAGES/audacity.mo to zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ so that 
> zh_TW translation could work.  AFAIK it violates Debian packaging 
> rules but such fix was necessary.

Sounds like that is indeed a violation of Debian Policy.

If I understand correctly the need for that hack (as I would call it), 
then same effect could be had - Debian Policy compliant - by not moving 
but copying files.  Or, if the copy is used as-is, then add a symlink.

> Another example is ezgo-lxde which would change the file content in 
> /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf.

I guess you mean /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf from package 

A Debian Policy compliant approach could be to not rely on 
openbox-lxde-session as-is but maintain a fork of that package - e.g. 
called openbox-ezgo-session.  Or more lightweight maintain a package 
openbox-ezgo-session containing only your customized files and a lot of 
symlinks (e.g. with dh-linktree), and depends on openbox-lxde-session.

Ideal long-term would be to coordinate with lubuntu/LXDE developers to 
make their config handling more flexible, avoiding the need for symlink 

 - Jonas

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