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Re: Neurodebian tasks (and Debian Science)

quick clarification for now, hopefully would find time for more later)

On Wed, 06 Apr 2016, Ole Streicher wrote:
> > Are you aiming to provide that level of granularity within debian 
> > installer?  if so -- that would be cool.

> Sure, I am also unstatisfied with the current state. There is currently
> no way to select individual packages during the installation and also
> not with tasksel, and I would guess that this will stay so for Debian
> Stretch. However, once we have our "foot in the door" (that's probably a
> "False Friend" in english), we have a good reason and pressure to get
> something. We just need volunteers ;-)

> But let's be pragmatic here. The proposed solution is not ideal, but it
> is a step forward, and something realistic.

agree. thus +100 ;)

> > I am not sure what such a default blend should carry really... how 
> > could I decide for a lab to use e.g. AFNI vs FSL vs [...]

> Neurodebian already offers a bootable image, and a default virtual
> machine -- so you already *have* some idea of a default installation.

we had some live cd attempt in the past but didn't push it forward.
thus the only bootable image is the VM, which is just a stock debian
stable + neurodebian repo enabled + neurodebian-desktop package for
custom appearance (+ some NeuroDebian menu with pre-selected apps which
get installed if user clicks on them) + "welcome wizard" which at the
end pretty much provides few of those 'tasks' options.  But the point is
that nothing neurosciency in a default installation.

that automatic installation idea though -- it might be actually a cute
one to be adopted for -tasks packages, which could provide those ad-hoc
.desktop files within a dedicated Blend submenu and plugs for all
user-executable tools/packages linked there.

which uses this tool

but that is orthogonal to your current effort Ole, so sorry for

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