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Re: Neurodebian tasks (and Debian Science)

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
> And by the way: We should develop bootable images and default virtual
> machines based on the Blends tasks.  If Neurodebian would finally agree
> to this we might get more manpower to implement this.  (I wonder how
> often I mentioned that we should join forces amongst people who are
> doing in principle the same thing just for different fields ...)

If we get our tasks into the tasksel, we could have two very simple
solutions for a blends specific installer medium:

1. We could preseed the installation with just the instruction to
   tasksel to preselect a specific blend.

2. We could preseed the installation with an 
   "apt install $blend-tasks"
   This would push the individual tasks for the selected blend into the
   installer's tasksel, allowing a detailed selection for the blend.

In both cases, we could stay with the standard Debian setup, so if
someone knows how to create (or modify) a standard Debian CD to change
the preseed, we are already done.

Live-CDs and Virtual machines are different, however.

Best regards


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